Carley II : Day-3

I got off work last night and accidentally made a wrong turn, I ended up in Nipton, CA because traffic wouldn’t let me over to get an earlier exit. Click the image to open in full size. I ended the day with 438 miles on the odometer.

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Carley II : Day-2

At my dealership, they like to play the customers favorite song over speakers inside the dealership when someone buys a new bike. They get to ring a brass bell and all the employees will come over and thank the new owner, etc… etc… I pretty much know everyone there already and told them I can dispense with the hoopla but asked if they would play my song for all to hear. I was curious if they would do this… apparently they had second thoughts when I told them it was “Fuc|< the Pain Away” by Peaches. I told them it was OK, that I was just more curious if they would actually do it or not than actually hearing the song…. besides it was already on my playlist, I can listen to it any time.

Its not my first time on a >2014 Limited but somehow it does feel different. Because this one is mine. The bike was turned over to me just outside the front door with of the dealership, with 6 miles on the odometer… where I immediately drove it out like 50 yards and started doing tight figure-8’s in the parking lot… my salesman was cheering me on.

The hard part was the initial engine break in, I was told to keep it under 3K RPM for the first 50 miles and 3.5K for the next 500 miles. So, I ran up to the Valley of Fire to re-create my profile picture from my Street Glide. Varying engine RPM’s through the ride. Once I got to the Valley of Fire the first 50 miles were done so I could now hit 3,500 RPM. I would now be in gradual twists all the way home, so as long I shifted earlier than normal I should be OK. Id did find myself going through the turns at a pretty good clip though.

I have basic familiarity with the stereo already but I forgot to bring a sync cord for my phone… which as it turns out won’t fit in the little “phone box” anyways, so I was listening to my playlist via bluetooth. While going through a function tests of the stereo I found that every time that I keyed the CB, my song would get paused. A quick tap on the “press-to-talk” would un-pause it. But as a Road Captain in our HOG Chapter, we use CB’s a lot… this will get annoying very quickly if I can’t get it to stop.

Got home with 140 miles or so on the odometer, put my highway pegs on, my Hardbagger Top Shelf tray and the Custom Dynamics Dynamic Rings front LED indicators.

I then decided that I wanted to de-badge the bike, I wanted to do it on my Street Glide but never did it. This time… what the hell.

I took some measurements on the current placement just in case I didn’t like it. I used the pin stripe line as a reference.

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Carley II : Day-1

The dealer called yesterday to tell my exhaust was back ordered for 30 days, so I went down today and picked it up with 6 miles on clock. I’ll will take it back in once the exhaust is here. As soon as the keys were handed to me, I was off to the Valley of Fire to get some pictures and return via Lake Mead to put some extra miles on her.

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Welcome to

Welcome to my motorcycle blog.

Hello, My name is Jason and I like to ride. Today I picked up a 2016 FLHTK in a two-tone Mysterious Red Sunglo and Velocity Red Sunglo (I didn’t make this up). In order to get this bike, I traded in my 2010 Street Glide that my girlfriend nicknamed Carley. Sticking with the theme, this new bike is called Carley II. Original, isn’t it?

The New Bike

The Old Bike


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Nation of Patriots 2015

Over the last week I have had the honor and privilege to escort the Nation of Patriots Flag over 760 Miles as it made it’s way across Arizona, Nevada and into California. I have been moved by peoples generosity and amazed how the flag can impact and move someone.

For those that served and continue to serve… Thank you.

The full picture gallery cane seen here… —>>> CLICKY <<<—

All packed and ready to go…

My riding buddy and I rode from Las Vegas to Meteor Crater Rd. in AZ to meet up with the Arizona contingent as they met the New Mexico Flag Bearer as they brought the flag into Arizona.

From Meteor Crater Rd. we rode as one group into the Gran Canyon Harley delearship

Bill Sherer (black hat, 4th from right) came out for the ride as well, he’s the organizer of the charity and a great pleasure to meet the man.

Bill Sherer along with the mayor John Moore of Williams, AZ. Moore proclaimed July 19th as Nation of Patriots of Day and challenged every citizen of Williams to fly an American Flag on this day next year.

Later that day, we took the flag to my home state and met in Laughlin, NV. The Arizona riders came across the bridge the bridge from one side and the Nevada came across from the other side. They met dead center of the  colorado river on the state line and did a brief flag ceremony while Las Vegas Metropolitan Motor Officers held the intersection from both sides.



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