Helmet Speaker Upgrade

I was having problems deciding what communications system to put on the new helmet. Though the helmet is made to integrate a Sena SLR system, I was concerned about battery life on long riding days, especially when they would be back to back, so anything battery powered was out. When I bought Carley II, she came with a wired comm system that I never used, so I figured this was the time to try it out.

I ran it for a little awhile but he speakers that come with the Harley headset were lacking and I just happened to have this Sony Bluetooth headset that had a broken piece of plastic that kept one side of the headset from sitting flush. By coincidence, it had the same size drivers as the Harley headset.

Sony MDR-XB950BT that will be donating it’s drivers.

The Harley speakers on the left, Sony speakers on the left.

The backside of the speaker drivers.

New drivers fitted into the helmet, perfect fit!




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