Hoka Hey To Do List

I am not sure if my Hoka Hey To Do List is getting shorter, longer or staying the same length. The major items are taken care of at this point, as in I have what I need to to complete and finish the ride (hopefully). Now I am just working on things to make sure that I stay comfortable and that I will be able to handle any basic maintenance items that may occur.

  • Install my US Fleet Tracker GPS. Required by the Hoka Hey organizers. This will be the fourth GPS receiver only my bike.
    Note: Research affects of having four GPS receivers within close proximity of each other.
  • I will be adding an additional head set communications plug from the center console to the inner fairing. Since I wear custom fitted in-ear-monitors to listen to music, there is a special adapter that I have to plug into the center console’s 6-pin DIN connector. This connector sticks out further than a normal communications headset plug and I am concerned that the tank bag will stress the factory connector. So I am running a second communications connector to the inner fairing,
  • I had to replace a failing O2 Sensor on the front cylinder two weeks ago. The voice in the back of me head is now telling me to replace the O2 Sensor in the rear cylinder as well. So thats now on the list. Besides, maybe it will help with gas mileage. (Yes, I am fully aware of the min/max parameters of an O2 sensor, at this point, it is for peace of mind).
  • I am re-evaluating my tool kit. I started by looking at the factory tool kit that Harley included with the bike and concluded that I am thankful that I never had to open it for actual use. The new tool kit will include all tools that I need to perform a regular maintenance on my bike including other basic emergency tools. At my next service, I will use only the tools in my saddle bag to perform it. If I can’t, then my kit isn’t set up correctly.
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