MEE Audio In ear Monitors

So what is in an In Ear Monitor (IEM)? It’s basically an ear bud, but taken to a new level. Overall they are a better quality from your run of the mill ear bud, the drivers are the main piece that you can start building on, the cords are replaceable (in case you melt the plug on your bike’s exhaust header, I know) and be made in custom lengths. Everything is customizable, from color, to sound, cord length and the one major benefit… custom ear tips.

Over the last 4 months I have been riding with “In Ear Monitors” made by MEE Audio, their M6 Pro II model and they have grown on me… allot! I wear a half helmet 99% of the time and found that I don’t get headaches anymore after long rides, I no longer have to force people to listen to my music choice when stopped (believe me, it varies greatly, I’m sure I can find something that will offend you). I can actually UNDERSTAND what people are saying on the CB, and yes I ride with a group that still uses a CB on group rides.

With all the pro’s over the last few months and the only con being the smell of melted plastic on your heat shields. I decided to go for the pinnacle of portable audio pleasure and have custom ear molds made. You can send an ear impression from your local audiologist or if you find yourself at an event where MEE Audio is at, or are in the Los Angles area… you can have your ear scanned electronically. Being a tech junkie, I decided to go for a 600 mile ride and get my ears 3D scanned.

The process is painless and simple and is completed in under 30 minutes.


In 3-4 weeks, you will receive your custom molds.


Initial impressions are good. I have been wearing them tonight while writing this and doing some other work for the last few hours and they are comfortable to wear and the sound is fantastic. But I bought them for the bike, so once I have some mileage with them, I will post a follow up.


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