YCRS Testimonial

A testimonial that I sent to Yamaha Champions Riding School recently.

I’m a Harley rider on a big touring bike and I attended the Champ Street for Street Riders in a parking lot at Red Rock Harley-Davidson in Las Vegas back in May. Though the class was in a parking lot and was only 4-hours, it changed how I ride forever. The information presented and how it was taught was fantastic and easy to comprehend. It truly changed the thinking of how I ride my bike. I am a more confident rider but more importantly, a safer rider to myself and to others around me. To put it into perspective, I just returned home from a three-week road trip across (well Zig Zagging) the United States and covered nearly 10,000 miles. There were times that I logged hundreds of miles on super slab highways to riding the Tail of Dragon… in the Rain… at night, I rode mountain passes, switch backs, dirt roads and was stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic at times. The lessons I learned from your clinic were with me the entire way and I had a lot more fun doing it.

(side note, probably not suitable for publishing)

It brings a warm smile deep inside me when going through twisties on a canyon road and seeing that look of “What the..?” when a sport bike rider looks in his mirror and notices that that Harley is still on his tail. I have literally laughed in my helmet out loud at it a few times.

See you guys in a week, I’ve signed up again for your next class at Red Rock. 

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